Got A Junk Car? Find Out How To Sell It To A Salvage Yard

Even though the car no longer runs, there are parts that could be useful for someone else. Someone who owns a junk car they want to get rid of might be able to sell the vehicle to a salvage yard so the parts can be pulled and used somewhere else. If this sounds like a good option for getting rid of an old car that isn’t running anymore, the following steps need to be taken.


Get the Car Ready to Sell


The car needs to be ready to go before the owner can look into getting any money for junk cars pittsburgh pa. The owner should clean out the car completely to ensure there is nothing important left inside of it. The car doesn’t need to be spotless; they will just want to make sure everything important is removed and that the salvage yard can clearly see the condition the vehicle is in.


Find Paperwork for the Vehicle


It’s a good idea to have the paperwork for the vehicle available if possible. Many salvage yards will purchase a junk car without the title, but the owner won’t receive as much money for it. The owner should also understand the requirements for selling a car in their location so they know what to do with the license plate and what paperwork might need to be turned in to the DMV.


Make Sure There’s Room for a Tow Truck


If the car doesn’t run, it can’t be easily moved to where a tow truck can get it. Instead, make sure the area around the car is as clear as possible and that there’s a way for the tow truck to reach the vehicle. Salvage yards will often come to pick up the car if it’s no longer running so the owner doesn’t need to worry about getting it to them, but they will need a way to get to the vehicle to load it on the tow truck


Sell the Vehicle to the Salvage Yard


The salvage yard will give the owner cash for the vehicle once it’s loaded on the tow truck and ready to go. The owner may be able to negotiate the price based on the condition of the vehicle, but they should make sure they agree to a price before it’s loaded on the vehicle. If necessary, the salvage lot will have the owner fill out paperwork for the sale. The owner should get a copy of all the paperwork they fill out.


Make Sure to Get a Receipt


The salvage lot should offer a receipt for the sale of the vehicle, but if they do not, the owner should make sure they get one. A receipt is necessary in case there are any complications in the future. Keep the receipt in a safe place for at least a few years just in case.

If you have a junk car that doesn’t run and you don’t need it anymore, it might be a good idea to sell it to a salvage yard. You could get a little bit of money for the vehicle and you’ll get it out of your driveway. Follow the tips here to get the most for your vehicle and to make selling it as easy as possible.