Why People Rent Luxury Cars In Dubai – A Status Symbol Or Necessity

Dubai is famous for its luxury lifestyle, awesome nightclubs, jaw-dropping architecture and expensive luxury cars. Driving super expensive cars is like a symbol of high status and the rich elite takes it very seriously. This is the main reason if you ever visit shaikh zyed road or around dubai marina, you will encounter lots of luxury cars roaming around there. For layman it is not easy to live around people with such wealth and lifestyle. So what are some options to enjoy the luxury lifestyle even if you are not crazy rich?


Luxury Car Rental Dubai operators are the one who gives you the chance to fulfill your dream by riding expensive cars at nominal rates. It is the easiest way to look successful and rich, even if it is for a short period of time. Renting a car is a big market in dubai and people use it in their daily lives for either commercial or personal purposes. For normal people, it is a pleasure to ride cars that are out of their reach. Companies use exotic cars to either showcase their products or in advertisement/films/videography. People rent cars for different purposes that suits their personal interests and budget. 

Who Rent Luxury Cars In Dubai

As I have told earlier people to rent luxury cars by keeping in mind their personal and commercial intent. They book cars which they think defines their status symbol and personality.

  • Businessman – For example, a businessman can rent a luxury car that they can use it to go to the office to keep the status or they can use it to entertain their business partners.
  • Companies – Similarly, companies use for commercial intent only as they need for marketing purposes or they have to entertain the business partners.
  • Common People – This is a category that mostly rent luxury cars to feel rich and successful. For them, riding exotic cars is a status upgrade for them and they will draw lots of eyeballs once they will be on the road. For this class, it is just a matter of personal satisfaction and glory.  By paying around 3k to 5k AED you can rent ferrari dubai or lamborghini or any other top level luxury car for a day. Dubai car renting competitive rates are the main reason even the normal person can enjoy the luxury of riding super expensive cars.


In a nutshell, I will try to answer what are some of the motives that people keep in mind while renting luxury cars?

Impress the Crowd Out There

I think this a legit reason behind renting luxury cars. For example, if you are going for a business meeting and you will reach your destination on rolls royce. You can get an idea what am i saying? It will create an immediate effect on your potential business partner and you get the edge in business dealings. People get impressed by the brands you are wearing and the car you are riding. On the other hand, some people just want attraction by driving luxury cars. They may not be so rich ever to afford these cars but at least they can experience the feel of being behind the wheels of these cars. It will be a life time experience if you are riding Lamborghini around burj khalifa and dubai downtown. You can the feeling of being a rock star.

Keep The Status Game

For people keeping their status in public is a serious matter and they don’t want to compromise on it. For example, you can make an entry to a party or wedding on a ferrari car that you rent in dubai will be a good way to show off your status. Even if you are not super rich to afford these cars but from time to time you want to keep reminding people about your wealth. You can also hire Chauffeur service in Dubai if you don’t have Dubai Driving Licences. Check here Chauffeur Service Dubai.

A Taste Of Success

Success is not an overnight miracle, you should have to work hard to become successful in life. Success brings money and money makes you status conscious. You develop a rich attitude in you, which force you think you are better than the layman and you give less importance to their existence. Driving luxury cars will give you this feeling and people want to experience even if it is just for a short time.

Final Thoughts

Car rental companies provide people opportunities to drive expensive cars that are out of their reach. For normal people, it is a sign of being super successful and rich once you drive those exotic cars. You can book any high-end luxury through luxury car rental dubai operators are inexpensive rates. Ferrari, lamborghini, roll royce, bentley and mercedes are some of the common car brands you will find in the fleet of most car rental operators in dubai.