What Your Teen Should Do In Case of an Accident

If you have never been involved in a serious accident then you have been very fortunate. Each day as I drive along the parkways and interstates I see a signs hanging overhead saying, “Do not become a statistic. Try not to drive drunk.” This is trailed by the measure of car crash that has bringing about fatalities for the year inside my state. I am amazed at how quickly these numbers go up from one day to the next.


I cannot help but think back to when my cousin was killed in an accident, along with two of his friends. They had not been drinking, but it was raining. A witness on the scene told the police that their car appeared to had hydroplaned. The driver of the car was young and did not have the experience needed to make a quick and wise decision and reacted in a way that lead to deadly consequences. He must have put his foot on the brake, causing his car to spin out of control and into a bridge. Everyone in the car died at the scene of the accident. It was a sad time for three different families for these young boys to have lost their lives so suddenly.


Are we, as parents, making sure that our teens are fully equipped with all the information they need before turning the car keys over to them? Do we assume that they know how to react in a situation such as the one I just described? The statistics of a teenager having an accident is highest during their first year of driving. This is because they do not have the experience to make wise decisions. Let us make sure we provide our children with as much wisdom as possible concerning something so important.


What should your teen do if they have just been involved in or have witness an automobile accident? Make sure they understand that they are not to leave the scene, but to stay calm and call for an ambulance if anyone is injured. This is not the time to start blaming anyone for the accident, so leave this discussion for later.


The parties involved should exchange licenses, registrations and insurance information, then make sure you start making calls to experienced parties first like Tulsa personal injury attorney. Write down the name, address, their license number, date of birth and their phone number. Take note if their license shows a different state other than the one they are in. If the car ownership is someone other than the driver at the time of the accident, they will need to write down the owner’s information as well. Any witnesses to the accident should also supply their name and phone number in case there is a dispute over who is at fault.


If the accident is bad enough that the police is called to the scene, they need to get the police officer’s name and ask when and where they can get the police report. As in any accident it is good to be prepared for the worse, so tell them to take note of everything. What is the make and model of the cars involved, the license plates, and the amount of damaged, where, and when the accident happens. If they are able take pictures of the accident and location to add along with their notes then do so. Report this to your insurance agent immediately.