An upstarts’ guide to building a successful automotive business

Many businesses can be engaged by people starting, that will become successful with determination and commitment. One of such businesses in the automotive business. The automotive business is an old industry that has major players that occupy the top rankings when it comes to the manufacturing of elegant, fast and comfortable cars.

When an upstart looks at the various leaders in the industry, they may think that it is in their best interest to look for another business and engage themselves. However, these international automotive brands as we know them today, were once upstarts that faced and conquered similar challenges to get to where they presently are.

This article will explain some of the steps an upstart in the automotive business should take towards becoming successful in the industry, but for more information and detailed explanation on how to start an automotive business, we advise you read comments left on review platforms like

Decide on the line of automotive business you want to engage in

The automotive industry is very big, offering opportunities for upstarts to start slowly and grow with time. As an upstart, you would have to study the industry and know the services you can render that are neglected by other companies in the industry and focus on that.

Obtain Funding

After identifying the service you want to render, you will need money to successfully execute your plans and objectives. This funding may come from your savings, family, friends and banks. Banks provide you with loans you need that are payable in specified durations, but before securing a loan, ask for experts’ opinions on how to get a loan.

Your Business Plan

Once your funding is secured, you need to draw up a business plan to articulate goals and projections and guide your service delivery.


The new business you are trying to build needs a location that customers can easily find to pay for the services you render. Therefore, before securing space for your business, you need to ensure it is located in an environment where your business would get the publicity it needs and a lot of traffic.

Licence and permits

For the business to survive its early days and avoid closure from relevant accreditation agencies that govern the industry in your location, you will have to ensure you have the business duly registered and the registrations visible by all comers to your store.


No one wishes for harm to come to either them or their business, but these things do happen. The pain is greatly felt if the business does not have protection against loss. For most businesses, insurance is the perfect getaway card, as it will help you get back to your feet faster than trying to start all over again.


After undertaking the above necessary steps, the next thing(s) you need to do is to invest in equipment. Your plan certainly should have identified the tools you would render your services, this it is important that you get durable and quality equipment.

Marketing and advertising

As an upstart, you need people to know about your company and the services it renders. Therefore, you need to promote it using all avenues available to you.


As the business grows you would not be able to handle every aspect of the business and so you need to employ capable hands that would help you in reaching your goals

The journey to the top is not an easy one but with hard work and the right things in place you would succeed.