A Few Things to do to Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Auto service is one of those bills we tend to ignore from time to time. The truth is we need to pay attention to car maintenance in order to keep our cars running properly. Even if you don’t plan to keep your vehicle for long, proper maintenance is helpful for the value when you get ready to sell or trade the vehicle. The less maintenance upkeep performed on the car the less it will be worth in the end. A few of the things you might need to get done to your car regularly include an oil change, tire rotation, and brake pad check.

Oil Changes

Every few thousand miles or so we need to remove the old oil in our engine and replace it with new fresh motor oil. The frequency of the oil changes will be spelled out in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Your dashboard gets reset every time you have an oil change and when it’s time to get serviced again your indicator light should go off. don’t wait too long after you start seeing your oil light to check your oil and also take your car in to get service. Oil changes are important to keep your car running smoothly.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation service is not completely a requirement. Tire rotation just effects the life of the tires on the car and the feel of the ride. Rotated tires tend to wear down evenly so that you’re not losing money by replacing your tires more frequently. If you choose not to rotate your tires you can expect the tread of your front two tries to wear a little faster than the rear ones.

Brake Pad Check

Brake pads will go bad over time and waiting too long to change your brake pads can directly impact the ability of your brakes to stop your vehicle. Your wear indicator will usually let you know when it’s time to get your brakes done by letting off a loud squeal when you push down your brake pedal. When you start hearing this annoying sound you should take your vehicle in for service. In order to avoid the sound, I get my brake pads checked regularly as part of my quarterly toyota maintenance. When a mechanic checks your brakes, they will also look for any holes and cracks in your brake lines. You want to keep a sealed system in order to make sure your brakes continue to function properly.


Vehicle maintenance includes lots of checking, changing, and other maintenance items. It’s important to complete your service regularly to keep you and your family safe while riding in your vehicle. Failed maintenance not only contributes to poor safety, but it also impacts the overall life of your car. You can save money by maintaining the car you have so that you don’t have to purchase a new one so frequently. Most cars have the ability to last several years with a proper maintenance schedule.