5 Career Opportunities You Can Consider in the Automotive Industry

It is somewhat rewarding to pursue a career in the automotive industry. With the tech and your passion for cars, you can consider different segments to work in. There are different career choices you can choose in the automotive industry and most of them can be found on ReviewsBird.com.

There are numerous reviews of car services and most of them point out that the industry encompasses different career choices. If you love cars and you’re fascinated by technology, the variety of services available in the automotive industry can be cool for you to consider. With the day to day use of automotive transports, your services will always be required. Below are a few career opportunities you can explore in the automotive industries.

1.  Car Rental Agent:

Your duties are to recommend and administer rental cars temporarily to guests who need it. You need to collect basic information about the customer and ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained. You must be acquainted with the tech features of the cars in your lot and must be comfortable driving them. There is an average salary of $12.25 per hour for this job.

2.  Tire Tech:

With $13.39 average salary per hour, you can replace and repair tires for a smooth ride and fuel-efficiency. Tire technicians have enough knowledge about cars, and they are fit to recommend the kind of treads for different off-road environments. Sometimes, you can be employed by a big shop which means there is a probability of increased pay and a better working experience in luxurious cars.

3.  Auto Body Repair Technician:

This position will afford you an average of $20.06 per hour pay. Your duties are across fixing of cars for safe drives. You will fix damaged windows, dents, frames, and any other non-mechanical components of the vehicle. Your goal is to make a vehicle seem new again. You also need to have a good rapport with customers to enhance strong customer services.

4.  Auto Mechanic:

An auto mechanic is in charge of routine maintenance, testing and repair of the mechanical part of a vehicle. You get to work on engines, power steering, drive belts, transmissions, and other motorized components of a car. To make your work easy, you can plug newer vehicles into a testing machine computerized for diagnosis. This will inform you of the repairs a vehicle needs without much stress. You must be familiar with technological systems and vehicle regulations, all in a bid to ensure that a vehicle is safe for the owner when he/she drives. You will get over $22 per hour for this job.

5.  Auto Instructor:

This job lets you teach college or high school students about engines, car repairs on electrical or mechanical systems. You can choose to work in a classroom set in a typical shop-style to give students real repair and car maintenance experience. This means that you can be an experienced auto repairer and still teach for an average salary of $17.80 per hour.

You can also work as a vehicle instructor, or a tow truck driver, an auto electrician, an auto sales manager, a car salesperson, a process or auto engineer, or an auto designer. You can even develop creative thinking, demeanor, and other professional skills to flourish in the profession.