Super Luxury Storage Places for Exotic Cars

For super-car owners with exorbitant prices, having adequate parking is not enough. This supercar storage facility must be able to make this exotic car maintained and clean, even when parked for a long time.

However, for supercar owners in the UK do not need to worry about the problem. Because, in Queen Elizabeth’s country there is a parking lot called Windrush Car Storage, which in addition to storing favorite cars can also be cleaned at a fairly affordable cost. You can visit Car Storage  to find relevant information

The facility founded by Tim Earnshaw in 2004 is located in London and the Cotswolds. In this place too, it is equipped with climate control and has very good air humidity.

Speaking of security, there is no need to doubt. In fact, besides being safe, your favorite supercar is still sleek by checking every day, as well as a car wrapped in a high-quality car cover.

This is the peak of car storage in the UK. We treat the car as if it were our own, and ensure the cars here get the most luxurious service so that the owner feels comfortable.
For information, several cars stored at the London and Cotswold facilities include Bugatti Veyrons, Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford Capri 3.0S, and McLaren P1.

For the fee, the US $ 499 per month for United States facilities, while for the Cotswolds it is the US $ 379 per month.